All about our meals

The development process of these meals has been overseen by food professionals with clear targets to achieve, which they did. They achieved:
  • A range of 480-538 calories per meal, with an average of 510 calories!
  • Nutritionally balanced meals.
  • Less than 5% Fat in each meal.
  • The classification of High Protein in each meal (28g - 40g).
  • Ambient meals, with a 12 month shelf life and no need to refrigerate!

The meals also meet:

  • The 2017 salt reduction targets for pre-processed meals.
  • The requirements of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006.
  • The nutritional requirements for active adults.
Our meals help meet the nutritional requirements for active adults. It is important that you research and/or take professional advice regarding your individual requirements as they are unique to each individual. Nutritional requirements are based upon your age, gender, weight, activity, activity level, and objectives.
There are many websites and books available, but we have provided a calculator based upon the recommendations of Anita Bean in The Complete Guide To Sports Nutrition (8th Edition).

Daily Guidelines

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