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Fuel for Sport meals have been an ideal addition to my weekly rugby nutrition routine.
The macro nutrient content of the meals are perfect for post gym and post pitch sessions.
My favourite meals are the Chicken Tomato Curry with Rice and the Chilli and Rice both very tasty
with nearly 40g of protein in each meal offering great value for money.
The retort technology that allows the meals to have a 12 month shelf life is ideal for away games and to keep in my kit bag.
Overall these meals are high quality, delicious, and convenient.

Sean Scanlon, Professional Nottingham Rugby Player

I sampled the Thai Curry which I must admit was pretty impressive! I liked the flavour – not too strong so it suits any time of day, and I particularly liked the texture of the brown rice and chicken. I threw in a side of rocket for speed and it worked really well. To be honest, it was much better than I’d anticipated!

Nicky Gilbert, Dietician

I am a competitive Latin and Ballroom dancer, a gym-goer, a swimming teacher, and a young professional. Trying to juggle work 9-5, dancing 3 evenings a week (plus weekend competitions) and going to the gym is a struggle - I barely have time to catch my breath let alone cook! But I need lots of nutritious food to keep me fueled in the week.


Fuel For Sport is perfect - it provides me with the nutrition that I need, like carbohydrates to give me energy and fuel my muscles, and protein to repair them after the gym. What makes it truly amazing is how convenient and easy they are. I struggle to get in from work, eat, and be at training again in the weekdays, so Fuel For Sport meals are great! In the microwave for 3 minutes and I’m ready to dash out the door again!

Liberty Miles, Competitive Dancer, Swimming Teacher, and Young Professional,

I’d never normally eat a ready meal in a million years, but I had a Fuel For Sport meal because I know that the nutrition inside them is fantastic. I was amazed to find out that Fuel For Sport meals are about 48% of my personal daily protein target! I normally struggle to get any protein in my meals so these are amazing.

Nina Domansky,

The Turkey Meatballs and Chilli are my favourites. Because they have a long shelf life and don’t need to be refrigerated, I always have one in my cupboard for those ‘don’t have time to cook’ or ‘I am absolutely starving’ moments. Totally recommend.

Daniel Joy , Country Manager, Ikano Bank UK

I'm very mindful of eating healthily so I must admit I was a little apprehensive to try a ready meal. I needn't have been - it was absolutely delicious! I had the Chicken Curry with Rice - and it didn't taste like a ready meal. The sauce was full of flavour and the chicken was tender and succulent. I'll definitely be back to try the other flavours!

Amir Bazrafshan, Director at Apricot Creative Video

I’m not a ready meal kind of gal, so when Tom offered me his new Fuel for Sport meal for lunch, I was skeptical. I expected the protein to be additive, but it’s not. It’s “proper” food, like I’d cook myself from fresh ingredients.

I chose the chicken curry with rice, and much to my surprise, I really enjoyed it! The flavours were authentic and distinct, and I was pleasantly full when I’d cleared the plate.

Great food on the go for anyone who’s active and mindful of their protein level requirements, they’ve done the hard work for you!

Sue Pringle,

Trying to fit food prep around a really busy schedule sometimes adds a level of stress that I don’t need and that often gets worse when it’s not possible to get high quality food on the go that supports my lifestyle. Fuel For Sport have created a brilliant solution to that. No need to refrigerate, well balanced meals that taste great! They probably only set out to create a great nutrition product for athletes and active people but they also managed to help decrease the stress in my life as well! Thanks guys!



Tim Stevenson, UKSCA Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach, https://twitter.com/TimVsGravity

“These meals are amazing for me because I can eat them instantly when I’m travelling, or after a game or training, without needing to keep them refrigerated, and without needing to heat them up! They’re also helping me achieve my nutritional targets, which is fantastic”

Darren Fearn, Darlington Mowden Park Rugby Player, and Head of Rugby at Northumbria University

“The fact that these meals have a 12 month shelf life is extremely appealing, because I can just have them in my cupboard and eat one whenever I need it. As well as that, the nutritional values are fantastic, AND they taste great!”

Steve Smith, COO of Nottingham Rugby CLub

As a former pro rugby player and founder of The School Of Calisthenics (https://www.facebook.com/SchoolOfCalisthenics/) nutrition is very important to me - but I also like to enjoy what I am eating and Fuel For Sport does exactly that

I tried the Beef Chilli and Mexican Tuna Pasta from Fuel For Sport after being impressed by the nutrient breakdown and was blown away by the taste which was delicious - nothing like any of the other pre-made meals on the market.

The most fascinating thing, and in my opinion one of the best things about the Fuel For Sport meals is that they do not need to be kept in the fridge! - I actually found it hard to believe at the start but it’s true and it provides a simple solution to quality nutrition on the go which is a complex problem for those of us leading busy lives whether an athlete or not!

If being on the move and travelling is part of your training, work or everyday life having a high quality, nutritious meal that can be simply kept in your bag, enjoyed hot or cold is always a winner in my eyes! –

David Jackson







David Jackson - Jacko The Human Flag, David Jackson - https://twitter.com/jackohumanflag - https://twitter.com/one_athlete - https://twitter.com/schoolofcali - http://oneathlete.co.uk - https://schoolofcalisthenics.com - https://www.facebook.com/SchoolOfCalisthenics/

As a student athlete nutrition is key. Having a meal which doesn't take 30/40 mins to prep and cook but only 3 minutes is a massive bonus! Very convenient, extremely tasty and ideal for any athletes who are serious on nutrition.

Oli Robinson, Northumbria University RFC and England Students

I really enjoyed my pasta and meat balls from Fuel for Sport. It is both convenient and tasty at anytime of the day. I can carry it in my sports bag for after sessions to eat cold, or as a meal at home heated up in the microwave.

James Christie, Northumbria University RFC and Hong Kong

As a keen exercise enthusiast and active individual I keep a very close eye on my nutritional intake - ensuring I’m not over indulging or under feeding my body is very important to me. On those days where ‘life’ means my own routine is knocked off kilter and I’m unable to reach for my own pre-prepared meals, I have no hesitation is including Fuel for Sport’s pre-prepared meals. Perfect for when I’m travelling for work or when I need a quick convenient meal that includes all my nutritional requirements.

Mark Grey - photography courtesy of Christopher Bailey, http://baileyimage.co.uk